• Are your bartenders certified?

Yes, our bartenders are licensed and insured by the State of Michigan.


  • Do you all sell or provide alcohol?

We do not sell or provide alcohol directly; however, we work with beverage vendors who can provide you with any beer, wine, or liquor desired for your event.


  • What does bartending services include?

Bartending services include beverage consultation, standard bar cups, napkins, standard bartending tools, menu displayed at bar area, set up/breakdown.  Contact us to get a quote for your event!


  • Do you provide glassware?

We can provide glass rental for an additional price.


  • Do you provide mixers?

We can provide nonalcoholic beverages (water, juice, soda) for an additional cost.


  • How will I know how much alcoholic beverages to get for my event?

We provide beverage consultation and recommendations, quantity estimates, and shopping lists to ensure you know exactly what beverages you need to prepare for your event.